2.5 Good

Katti Batti

KATTI BATTI - Nikhil Advani debuted in Bollywood under Karan Johar with one of my most favorite movie Kal Ho Na Ho. Then he goes on making 3-4 just average movies . Then he made a gripping thriller D- DAY , then he again goes to the mode of making below average films. This time its back to back in two weeks. Although i haven't seen last week's HERO but its response and its current IMDb rating (4/10) pretty much makes it clear that its a bad film. Same goes for Katti Batti. If you have seen the Hollywood flick 500 Days of Summer (which is actually a great romantic film) from which the whole concept of Katti Batti (except the last 20min twist) has been inspired and If you have seen Sweet November (which although not a great film but is better then Katti Batti) from which the last 20 min twist has been copied (oops it was a spoiler), then there left nothing for you in this flick. I cant understand that , is our writers are so bad that when they mix a great Hollywood movie with an above average Hollywood movie the result is actually a below average Bollywood movie. And Kangna Ranawat was so badly wasted , we didn't even get any long scenes of her to look into her acting until the last 20mins. Its not her fault that her character has not given that space and time so she can show her caliber , but its totally her fault that she selected this movie for herself. I don't want to start about Imran Khan . He is portraying the same character again and again (Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu , Gori Tere Pyaar Mein and now this) still he is not getting better in this. I don't even want to remember how bad he act when he does something else. Supporting cast are not interesting enough to discuss either. Editing of the movie was bad. The juggling between the scenes were confusing. When ever Imran starts to think about the past , after the past scene end we always found him in a new place not where he started remembering the past. So we have to remember every time where exactly the present scene was left. Direction was bad too , scenes don't have the finishing touch , were done half heartedly. Its like Nikhil was busy making too films together (Hero and Katti Batti) so he didn't gave his concentration to either of them. I must say like this Nikhil Advani will never able to make his own place in Bollywood. Shockingly songs are also forced in the movie. Infect just before the twist there was a song Jaago Mohan Pyaare which feels like director was ringing alarm for the persons who slept while watching the film. And after all of this boring flick when the twist came to tackle you , you were already so bored that no twist can make you bring your interest back.. Nikhil we want more Kal Ho Na Ho and D Days , not Hero or Katti Batti. Please don't be so desperate in making movies.