4.5 Excellent


Karzzz is the music waiting to satistfy for all himesh fans? Or for every one? Because the vetran actor, singer, music director is back with his most expensive films. Aap ka Suroor was small budget film but Karzzz is another affair. So the music is very important.
The first "Lutt Jao" is a decent track to hear for. The lyric are excellent, specially the beginning part. The tunes are extremely catchy. Its a sure-shot blockbuster track. Its style of quick singing, the beginning tunes, everything is perfect. This one is one of the best songs every composed by Himesh.
Soufi Rock? Hari Oom... is just an above average track in out-an-out himesh style. Jalak Dikla Ja (Aksar) or Jhoom Jhoom from Tom Dick and Harry are the resemblances tunes for Himesh. But inspite of being a decent tunes in his style, its give a feel of already-listened. Well... Harry Om Himesh as your nasal voice annoyed sometimes here.
Now get your hot Tandoori in party. Its the desi mixed with outsider tunes. Its classy, its item song and its specially for all the dance lover. The new composition of Himesh. If you love "Where the party tonight" from KANK, you will love this track too in Himesh own version. Its the only fast track of the album and its should stop with good to above good verdic.
The next song, Soniye Je tere nal, is a decent track. Is Himesh goes classy again after Banaras (again with Urmila)? Yes. Its classy a bit and nice. Tulsi Kumar and Himesh voices are really enjoyable.
Wanna Himesh most classy track ever? So listen to Dhoom Tere Ishq. Its the combination of tabla, harmonium and other with the superbe thanks to sameer. "Aur Thodi Deer mai, hum Judaa ho jayangee"... the lyric with himesh classical voice (surprisingly no nasal here) will lose your heart and make its the most sansational songs nowadays. Its the best track of the album so far. And I can even say, the best track ever composed by Himesh Reshammiya. Its the feel that I am returning to the 80-90s music ever given by Pancham Da. That's sit.
Next Sisak Sisak ke is another fast track, but not as fast as thandoori night. Its turn out to be another decent fare. Its pure himesh style. Tere Bin Chain Na Aave is another classy track. After Dhoom tere Ishq, is the 2nd most classy track. The combination of Tabla, Harmonium, violon make u remember Aashiq Banaya Aap Ne and Tere bina from Aap Ka Suroor. Another songs to be loved by everyone. Tulsi Kumar voice is average overtaken by Himesh voices.
Massha Alla, is the songs with High Himesh tones, but the greatest after Dhoom Tere Ishq. We can revive the nearly same lyrics thanks to sameer. Its incredible. This one may be not loved by all but its incredible. Sameer lyrics will make you listen Himesh songs.
Its fool to compare Ek Haseena Thi with old version. Its just the reviving the music. And I can say, its better then all the remixes. Even the tunes and voice arn't original, the songs leave just good impression. I was afraid that, another songs is destroyed in new decade. Thanks to Himesh for make it good.
Karzzz counts 9 songs in Himesh Voice. But the superbe tunes, and lyric make it better. Track like Dhoom Tere Ishq Ki, Soniye Je, Massha Alla and Lutt Jao are excellent with good other songs. If you don't like Himesh, just listen Dhoom Tere Ishq, I am sure, you have to change your mind. Its has all songs excellent, perfect except only good to average track which is Hari Oom.
In short, Karzzz doesn't disappoint you. Is the comeback to old era which would appealed by everyone: new or old generation. Because of Dhoom Tere Ishq its deserves full mark and that single song is worth for the price of the whole album. Go and listen it. Its offfer the best track of Himesh Reshammiya.