2 Average

Kambakkht Ishq

All glamour, show, stunts, actions, songs, drama, hollywood starcast...but the same old used and absued old love story formula. Boy meets girl- both hate each other- to win a bet both pretend to fall in love with each other- hero falls in love- heroein pretends to be in love- heroein realises her mistake- a shaadi climax- and they lived happily ever after! The film is layered with double meaning dialogues. If you get it, you will enjoy it. Of the supporting cast, Aftab is wasted, Amrita exposes well. Denise, Sylvester, Brandon [the hollywood cast] really got not much to do. Boman is in a blink and you miss role, Kiran is there for a few scenes but delivers well. Like a line in the film- "is your IQ low?" Well the film is not made to preach but just entertain- so if you want logic and IQ its not even present. You want just time pass entertainment, then this film might just work for you. I wont even tell you what the plot is all about coz for me it was just KAMBAKHT!