Kalyug Movie


Kalyug is scheduled to be released on 09 December, 2005.


Kalyug actor Ssmiley Suri BLAMES cousin Pooja Bhatt for derailing career: “Mahesh Bhatt couldn’t offer me any films because he had to listen to his daughter”

Actress Ssmilly Suri, best known for her debut role in the 2005 hit film Kalyug, has shed light on…
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Lyricist cries foul

Another controversy over credits has come into the foray. We can all recall the hit song Jiya…
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Live Chat: Kunal Deshmukh on July 8 at 1530 hrs IST

Ishita Sharma makes her debut in the film, Dil Dosti Etc. which is directed by Manish Tiwary. She…
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Emraan Hashmi two-timing

Emami Ltd has filed a case of illegal infringement in the Andheri court on Tuesday against…
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Saregama-HMV and Bhatts complete their hat-trick with Kalyug

While on Sanjay Dutt, his role in Ravi Dewan's ANNARTH has been amplified further. Initially, the…
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