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Widower Amar (Ashok Kumar) leads a middle-class lifestyle in Bombay along with his widowed mom, and a daughter, Munni, whose mom passed away just 3 days after giving birth, and makes a living working as the Principal of Bharti Kala Kendra. When he goes for a vacation to Kashmir with his Butler, D'Souza (Sunder), he meets with and falls in love with a woman named Kalpana (Padmini) and includes her in his painting. They meet several times and are drawn to each other. One day when Amar goes to propose, he finds out she and her family have left for an unknown destination. When he returns home by train he meets with another young woman, Asha (Ragini), who he subsequently hires as the Kendra's Dance Instructress. He takes her home to meet his mom, and Munni, and both approve of her hoping that she will marry Amar. Then Amar watches Kalpana performing in the theater, meets with her and both rekindle their romance. Asha notices this and steps away, albeit heartbroken. Amar asks Kalpana to go and meet his mother and Munni, which she does. It is during this meeting that they will get an unexpected visitor, none other than Johar (Iftekhar), who is Kalpana's brother, and this is when the truth about Kalpana, her mom, and their background will surface - changing everyone's lives forever.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)