5 Excellent

Kal Ho Naa Ho

Kal ho na ho is a Excellent, Fantastic, Brilliant movie that entertains and is heart warming. The storyline about a man who knows he will die soon and what he does in his last hours was amazing. This storyline was already shown in Rajesh Khanna movie Anand but Kal ho na ho was different. Shah Rukh Khan is a genius of a actor and gives a powerhouse performance. Saif Ali Khan is terrific and was ever so fun to watch, deserved his Award for best actor in supporting role. Preity Zita was quite good, she plays her part nice, I'm so glad she was cast in this film. Originally her part was suppose to be played by Kareena Kapoor, if that had happened I would think this film would of flopped. Only the lovely Rani and Kajol could of played that part, but Priety was nice anyway. The music in this film was great and the title song sung by Sonu Nigam is the Best song I've ever heard. I love the title song, I've heard it a thousand times and I love it to bits, Best song of the decade.