5 Excellent


It's a shame that Movie Like Kaalo has a Limited theatrical release to the city Like Kolkata.I have been eagerly waiting to see this Horror flick ever since I came to Know its belonging to a Horror Genre as I've been a Huge Horror freak but when I came to Know about the show timings and Theaters I am totally Disappointed.This is really shame for Bollywood and also for the city Like Kolkata.Its also a shame that audience gives more priority to the overrated Movies Like Tees Maar Khan despite Knowing that its gonna be Terrible.
How in the world could you make a limited release to a movie like Kaalo which has received many Awards in South Africa. They never release Underrated Movies to the theaters specially Horror Movies.They don't even Know that Horror Genre has been the Most selling of all.Its Inevitable for me that I cannot watch Kaalo because of its limited theatrical release here But Guys You don't Miss this flick at any cost no matter wherever you are.Movie Like Kaalo deserves to be watched More than Once.Hats off to Wilson Louis for exploring Horror Genre in Bollywood.Keep them coming.EAST OR WEST HORROR GENRE IS THE BEST.NO OTHER GENRE WILL ENTERTAIN YOU AS MUCH AS WHAT HORROR GENRE DOES IN THEATRE.