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Kaafila Music Review


Sunny Deol's Apne came just recently and turned out to be a good success at the box office. The film which should benefit from this

success should be Kaafila which is in the making for two years and is now getting ready for release. A big budget extravaganza shot

across various continents, it is directed by Amitoj Maan who made his directorial debut with Hawayein a couple of years back. Based on

the theme of human trafficking, Kaafila is an action drama with lyrics by Babu Singh Maan and music by Sukhwinder Singh.

It is the voice of Daler Mehendi which is heard first in 'Hum Raks' and later followed by that of Sukhwinder Singh. The song blends Turkish

and North Indian flavor and turns out to be a decent hearing. A celebration number featuring all the migrants who are trying to make merry with a

bunch of women around, 'Hum Raks' has fun and frolic dominating the proceedings. Raju Shankar later remixes the track where Ear

D'Souza adds on his rap. A 'Club Mix' version follows which is not too different from the original.

For 'Kabhi Kabhi Sapne Bhi', Rajasthani folk flavor is the flavor of the season. Nevertheless, even that doesn't quite elevate the song to a

height which would make it appear anything more than situational. Crooned primarily by Sukhwinder himself, it also has Abhijeet, Mohammad

Aziz (who is heard after ages) and Gursewak Mann sharing credits.

A track about believing in your dreams and hoping that they come true one fine day, it goes on and on and lasts more than seven minutes.

Expect the number to make multiple appearances in the film's narrative.

Dolly Sidhu and Abei come together for 'Lodhi Di Raat' which of course is based on the festival of 'Lodhi'. A track like this could have well

been rooted in traditional music flavor. This is the reason why one fails to understand the presence of all the rap and reggae around. In fact, the

track is nothing more than a cacophony of sorts with lot of all around noise killing the very essence of the celebration mode. A terrible track

which one dreads to see in the film.

A theme piece of sorts, 'Jab Tak Hai Saans' is about the bunch of men promising each other to be united in their journey out of hell. The

number is nothing better than being a very poor cousin of countless such songs that one has heard in J.P. Dutta war films. A tuneless number

which has the chorus guys seemingly disinterested in the proceedings, 'Jab Tak Hai Saans' is crooned by Sukhwinder Singh, Abhijeet and

a female who has surprisingly not been credit for her limited appearance. Skip it!

Nabi Madjnun opens 'Sandesa Aaya' which has Sukhwinder Singh holding the baton soon. The best track heard so far in the album, it is

about the loneliness of a journey sans your loved one. A well written track which has a soothing tune to boats, 'Sandesa Aaya' has a

desert feel to it and brings a certain 'thehraav' in the proceedings. Abhijeet also chips in with a few lines.

Oh no, not again! Yet again, there is an attempt to create a club feel (rather unnecessary) in 'Chala Kaafila'. Rendered by Shanaanaa Pandit,

Sukhwinder Singh and Gursewak Mann, it is an item song set in a sitiuation where the Kaafila is looking at crossing over the border and

realize its dreams. The number has a strong North India flavor and is a decent hear except for the portions where a female voice tries to add on

the Western elements.

Overall Kaafila is a forgettable soundtrack with 'Sandesa Aaya' and to an extent 'Hum Raks giving it some credibility. Agreed

that one didn't expect much from an action film like Kaafila but still with Sukhwinder Singh at the helm, one would expected at least a

slightly better soundtrack.

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