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Just Married Music Review


First release of a year is special. This is why one is extra curious to hear what does the music of Just Married have in the

offing. The music is also extra special since it has composer Pritam at the helm, who was one of the most versatile and successful

musician in the year gone by. Also, Pritam and PNC [film's producers] have a good musical track record behind them in the form

of Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, Ankahee and Pyaar Ke Side Effect. With expectations of a peppy-n-romantic musical

outing from the music of this Meghna Gulzar film that has lyrics by Gulzar saab with Fardeen Khan & Esha Deol in the lead, one

plays on the CD. And doesn't one feel glad that Just Married has been released as the opening album of 2007?

First few seconds into the opening number 'Ram Milaye Jodi' and one can't help but revisit the credit details for the song.

Reason? The song is completely modeled on the Shankar Ehsaan Loy style of music with their trademark Indian melody that has

been their forte. Even the arrangements are very much on the similar lines that only bring the song further closer to SEL kind of


Having said that, Pritam does a very good job in coming up with a catchy track which is a 'shaadi-byaah' number with a

difference. With the marriage season on and 'Ram Milaye Jodi' being unadulterated harmless fun, it is the sing-with-a-smile

approach by the three singers - Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan - that mark an enjoyable beginning to the album.

Most happening trend of 2006 continues into 2007 as well as the remix version of 'Ram Milaye Jodi' is heard later in the

album. Thankfully, it doesn't kill the impact created by the original and only adds on to the fun. Lastly comes a shorter sad version

of the song which is a Sukhwinder Singh solo. This one is a part of film's background score for a particular situation.

Sunidhi Chauhan was good in 'Ram Milaye Jodi' but she is excellent [as she is in majority of mellow numbers] in

'Gudgudee'. Pritam shows a different facet of his composing style as he arrives with this beautiful melodious track that is

slow, simple, enchanting and heart warming. If you have loved Sunidhi's love songs 'Le Chale' [My Brother Nikhil] and

'Dheemey Dheemey' [Bas Ek Pal] in the last 2 years, you would lap up to 'Gudgudee' with glee too. Looking forward

to many more melodies like these in the months to come!

Just Married was earlier titled 'Baat Pakki'. Hence one could term 'Baat Pakki' as an ex-title song which

makes an appearance next. Almost like a jingle/nursery rhyme, it is yet another entertaining number after 'Ram Milaye Jodi'

that has a cute appeal to it. Shaan and Neeraj Sridhar sing this love song in a spirited manner while Gulzar saab lyrics are poetic yet

very much accessible to a common man. And yes, Pritam does deserve a mention for managing to build a simple tune around such


A party song amongst a group of youngsters, 'Baat Pakki' is a feel-good song that should keep the audience engaged and

also help in taking the story forward. Later in the album arrives a remix version of the song which only peps up the situation further.

Presence of Sunidhi Chauhan and Mahalakshmi Iyer only helps in making the song stay on with you even after the album is


What takes the cake is the third and final version of 'Baat Pakki' which comes towards the very end of the album. The best

seems to have been reserved for the end as this is the most easy-on-ears versions of the three [not that the other two were any

harsh!] as Pritam keeps minimum instruments in the background and rather encourages his singers to be on the fore!

After feeling good about things in life, Gulzar saab and Pritam get Daler Mehndi on board to render a pensive 'Doha'. A

situational sad love track which should appear at a crucial juncture in the film, it is moderately paced. Reminding of Sukhwinder

Singh's 'Layi Vi Na Gayi' from 'Chalte Chalte', 'Doha' works well in adding on to the variety of songs heard so far in

the album.

Just Married gets a fitting farewell when Sonu Nigam arrives for the first time with 'Jaagte Raho'. An

excellent composition with sensual lyrics by Gulzar that bring to fore the excitement, curiosity and apprehensions of the first night,

'Jaagte Raho' is the best of the lot! One has to punch himself hard to actually believe that it is Pritam at the helm of

composition since the young composer does exceedingly well in redefining his own style of music and bringing up something as

different and remarkable as 'Jaagte Raho'. A very good effort by the entire team behind the song.

While Pritam and Gulzar saab have done quite well in coming up with a sweet album like Just Married, one also needs to pat

on the back of Meghna Gulzar for the choices she has made for the song situations and a go-ahead that she has eventually given to

the selected songs in the albums. While Vishal Shekhar gave a good beginning to 2006 with Taxi No. 9211, in case of 2007 it

is Pritam who has got the opportunity to kick start the New Year with a melodious soundtrack!

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