2 Average

Watched first day first show. & I am telling you, it's entertaining with top notch performances. Kangana is the queen in true sense, & no one can beat her when it comes to acting. JHK is such kind of movie that we usually don't see in bollywood. It is the story of Bobby who had some brutal childhood trauma. She is unpredictable, extreme & obsessed with her own world, she trusts no one. I am not going to disclose the whole story. As I want you to go in theater and watch this out of the box entertainer. Story & screenplay is grippy. Music is also good. Director has done super job & he has succeeded to show his story. Using Cockroaches to show her inner thoughts is really something out of the box. Bobby don't listen to her heart rather she listens to her stomach ( Sounds funny ). Using some Ramayana preferences makes it more fascinating. Kangana Ranaut & Rajkumar Rao have delivered the best performances, They are beating their own past performances with this movie. Kudos to the whole cast & crew. Overall it's true entertainer & worth watching. Go and catch this in your near theater.