4 Very Good

I was highly excited for this film after watching impressive trailer and promos while the other reason being Akshay Kumar's good script sense now days. Had to watch it Fdfs and now i just can't stop myself from reviewing it in details.

Acting - Akshay Kumar is Brilliant. He is full of variations here, he's Funny, Emotional and Intense too. Huma screen space is less but she looks Beautiful. Anu Kapoor is Brilliant as always, yet to see him giving a Weak performance, same with Saurabh Shukla. Other Star Cast is highly Impressive.

Writing - Full Marks to Subhash Kapoor. What an Excellent Writing, perfectly Balanced for Classes and Masses.

Screenplay - First Half is Entertaining but gets intense at Interval. Second Half is slow for the beginning 15 minutes then takes pace till the End. Last 15 minutes keeps you glued to your seat.

Music - Dull ! 'Go Pagal' comes and goes quickly but sounds irritating. 'Bawra Mann' is okay, 'Qawali' works big time. End Credit song is of no use actually.

Dialogues - Clap Worthy yet meaningful yet touching. Some are Funny as well, PJ Dialogues on Salman Khan, Aliaa, Sunny Deol are Hilarious. Perhaps the Best Dialogues for any Akshay's film recently.

Cinematography - Good but at some scenes production value looks B Grade and rest it raises the Bar. Court room scenes were shot in same angle so it does not impress much.

Direction - Hats off to Subhash Kapoor, sometimes Direction overtakes a whole Film and that's what exactly happened with Jolly LLB 2. Subhash worked on every small thing with a perfection, from dirty board outside session Court to a coloured surface of Holi celebration ending scene. He has delivered a Classic piece of Court Room Drama which has never happened before in Bollywood. All credit goes to him if film's receives High commercial success and critical acclaim.

Final Words - Overall Jolly LLB 2 is a MUST WATCH Film for all kind of audiences. It will entertain you, will make you emotional and you will leave theater with a good social message on Indian Judicial system. It is the Best Film of Akshay Kumar since Baby, best film of Huma and Subhash Kapoor's Career. Just don't think of anything after reading this review, just go and watch Jolly LLB 2 and i assure you, you won't be Disappointed. I'm going with 8/10* stars and giving it a "CLASSIC" Verdict.