4 Very Good

Johnny Gaddaar

The music of Johnny Gaddar is totally different from the music of various other Bollywood movies that have been released may be in last 10 to 15 years of horizon. Repeated listening to this music leaves u feel intoxicated.

The title track (which comes in two to three versions) is absolutely fantastic and rises on to you with more and more listening. Moreover, the rhythm of the song will keep on vibrating in your mind and heart for hours and hours.

The most interesting part of the album is, it has a track called 'Bhule Beesre Geet' which is a combination of some two to three tracks (totally unmixed) from may be the 60s.

Special thanks to Sriram Raghavan to have given full freedom to SEL to create a totally out of the box music which is very rarely seen these days in Hindi Cinema.