4.5 Excellent

Jodhaa Akbar

firstly, i have been hearing bout the length of the movie that it was too long which is not the first time here people!!! devdas was 3 hours 20 minutes as well so cut that crap,
Right from the start what keeps you hooked is actually the visuals and the locations and then ofcourse ASH who has shown her assets without any confusions :),, nehow the starting war scene and hrithik trying to control the elephant fantastic, then confrontation of ash and hrithik where she tells the conditions and hrithik amazes every1 by accepting them nice.. Hrithik going on the top hearing ash sing good and the expressions in that scene, wha i felt was that they tried to woo too much of the hindu religion in the movie, If hrithik was doing so much for her why does'nt ash do the same by accepting the muslim culture and doing what they did, that was confusing.. anyhow many scenes in the movie were original and visualistic go and have a nice time.