1.5 Average

This Jism is not perfect; the Bhatts need to exercise. Bad screenplay, shaky direction, dialogues which can give you headache and boring sex is not something that you expect from them.

So here are some of the points noted about JISM-2
1. Sunny Leone can act; more than what we've already seen but not enough to make us want to watch her again doing something other than what we've already seen. :)
2. The film is not as HOT as one might have expected (yours truly in this case) but then one cannot complain; the leading lady has always been very generous before this.
3. It has probably THE BEST kiss ever seen in Indian cinema.
4. Randeep Hooda and Arif Zakaria are good actors but someone should tell them when they become over dramatic; which is most of the times. Arunoday Singh is laughable.
5. The film is so slow that only the one who has all the time in the world should go to a theater to watch it (someone like yours truly).
6. The climax is something that we see in every alternate Bhatt film; so it doesn't really have a shock value.
7. It has some of the cheesiest lines ever spoken; so much that they almost make you puke. The girl sitting next to me actually did.

Watch the film; you might get sick too after hearing those unintentionally comical dialogues and Sunny Leone acting as if she is an asthma patient for more than two hours. For some her breathing might be treat to watch but then haven't we already seen a lot more than that.

BTW is it just me or is it really funny when the casting says "Introducing: Sunny Leone"?