4.5 Excellent

I enjoyed the movie a lot. The songs were excellent, especially Ticket to Hollywood! I haven't seen a movie with Lara Dutta before, but she seemed really good in JBJ. She had a very interesting character, and I think she pulled it off well. Bobby, as well, as I didn't expect much from him anyway. The dances were good, too, especially during Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, I loved watching them dance. It took a while for Abhishek and Preity to get together, but have you ever seen a movie where they link up instantly? (Where would the movie be, then?) I thought the end of the movie really finished it up, with anything that was unclear being, well, uncleared. Amitabh Bachchan was, of course, amazing. The last scene with him was good. I don't need to mention that Abhishek (I was also surprised by his performance!) and Preity were good, too. Definitely worth watching, and not as long as some other movies are.