0.5 Poor

Waste of money and time.What is trying to do? wht are the people tryin to make him do? he is certainly the most overrated actor in the industry. I dont know where he would have been if he was not Big B's son.Bobby was betta, far betta..compared to abhishek. I think anyone who needs to make a mark in bollywood just need to act with abhishek, he will get noticed compared to abhishek.He is good only in that beared and an angry face, if both are gone then khallas he cant do anythin more,comedy, romance,action,tragic scenes is that what is expected from a bollywood actor. I think the director took the movie just coz he had dates of all these stars and didnt wanna let that go, he was fantastic in his previous movie. The locations and camera work was fantastic couldnt have asked for more. Cheorography was nice especially the foreign dancers.Anyone whos gonna watch BIg B after watchin the trailer then u have watched his whole role.Except for the title track and halke halke (compared to others) the music was not tht catchy from SEL. The funny scenes were good but could have made it betta really betta.Last five words for everyone " DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY GUYS "