Jeene Ki Umeed Tumse Hi Movie


Jeene Ki Umeed Tumse Hi is about social and political issues of rural and urban India. Vijay (Brajesh Rai), a young educated boy from rural India, notices some anti-social activities in society and stands up against them. He realises that the big people involved in the activities do not want...

Vijay understands that if he wants to take on the mighty and the powerful, he himself would have to become powerful. In his quest for empowerment, he joins an auto engineering company. His hard work and dedication in the company impress his bosses so much that they award him with promotions and accolades. While working in the company, Vijay meets Ruby (Sanchi Rai) and falls in love with her.

Just when life is looking up for Vijay, calamity strikes. He gets trapped in company politics and conspiracies and loses his credibility. However, Ruby and some workers of the company continue to support Vijay. Soon, the world is fighting the COVID-19 infection. Vijay and Ruby make it their mission to help the needy. Praises and accolades come Vijay’s way once gain. He becomes a messiah for the poor and the needy. Soon, Vijay regains his credibility and gets an offer from a reputed company, Swastik Auto Engineering. Vijay and team lead the company to the pinnacle of success. His aura spreads far and wide and sets an example for the youth. The Auto Engineering Association recommends his name for the Udyog Ratna Award. Does Vijay live happily ever after with Saloni or Ruby?

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