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Jannat Music Review


Bhatt brothers have been known for their taste when it comes to quality music. Meanwhile, Pritam too has rightly acquired the tag

of hit machine in the music industry. Hence, when the team comes together again, it is time for great anticipation for something

extraordinary to happen again.

Now, after a hat-trick of musical successes in Gangster, Woh Lamhe and Awarapan, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt

have roped in composer Pritam again for the music of Jannat. The film revolves around the theme of match fixing and

betting in the world of cricket and stars Emraan Hashmi as the lead protagonist. With Sayeed Quadri roped in as a lyricist, Bhatts

have a lot in stake from the music of Jannat. The good news is that Pritam delivers yet again…and how!

It's the music from Far East which opens the proceedings for 'Zara Sa'. Once the initial set up manages to create a

romantic mood for the song, KK takes over who hits a sixer in the very first minute of the album. His voice continues to throw

surprises in each of his outings and 'Zara Sa' is no exception! The rhythm of 'O Oyo Oyo' which forms the theme

sound of the song would only make one head for a candle light dinner with his/her loved one!

Together Pritam, Sayeed Quadri and KK do everything right to make a song which is a sure shot chartbuster in the making. Add on

Emraan Hashmi to the song and you know that the melodious 'Zara Sa' would definitely scale greater heights. With a title

like 'Power Ballad', one would have expected the next version of 'Zara Sa' to be a full on Club mix. However,

that's not the case as it is set as an unplugged rendition by KK with just a guitar in background. In fact, this version sounds even

better and is worth the price that one may for the music CD. Excellent!

Kamran Ahmed not just sings and writes 'Judai' but is also an original composer for the song. And yes, before any

controversy erupts, the artist has been credited for his entire work on the song. Based on age old folk number 'Lambi Judai -

Chaar Dinon Ka Pyaar O Rabba', the song takes a different take in it's 2008 version as it gets into a rock setting.

With a lounge feel to it, courtesy some cutting edge mixing and arrangements which takes the song to a different level altogether,

'Judai' at places also has Richa Sharma's voice in the background that creates a haunting feel. Also notable is the guitar

which accompanies Kamran throughout and creates a catchy rhythm. The young man has a good voice and he is rewarded with a

'Kilogram Mix' which comes at the very end of the album. Does it carry an expected weight (pun intended)? Yes, it

does! Check this version out which gets you into an 'enigma'-tic setting and keeps you mesmerized for hours to follow!

After being heard in the background for a brief duration, Richa Sharma gets an entire solo for herself as she gets to sing

'Lambi Judai'. The only time in the album when a female voice makes an appearance, Richa makes most of the

opportunity. Now one waits to see if this version finds a place at least as a part of the film's background music!

With a guitar and 'tabla' in tow, 'Haan Tu' begins on a typical filmy note with the rhythm reminding of many Nadeem

Shravan compositions from the past. Yes, the sound which is created is good but there is a strong deja vu feeling till pretty much

into 90 seconds of the song. It is the arrival of the words 'Haan Tu Hai' which change the graph of the song. Suddenly the

proceedings become perkier and the setting shifts to Pakistani pop world. One's neck starts swirling and it doesn't take more than

a couple of hearings to invariably start enjoying the 5 minutes piece. The song may not enjoy the kind of longevity as 'Zara Sa'

or 'Judai' but would certainly manage to hold fort!

As always, guitar plays a major role in Pritam's composition. 'Door Naa' turns out to be one of the purest songs

created by the composer in last couple of years, as can be witnessed from the pathos which is experienced, and not just

witnessed, in 'Door Naa Ja'. A difficult song to sing since it has almost negligible instruments for most of the initial

duration, 'Door Naa Ja' is a rock track which gets into "Life In A...Metro mode" as one moves 2 minutes into the song.

A special word for Rana Mazumdar. He is one of the brightest talents to have arrived on the rock scene, as can be witnessed in

'Door Naa Ja'. The song requires him to change pitch multiple number of times and the way he holds the attention of a

listener is commendable. Pritam gives him a challenging assignment and he delivers with flying colors. No wonder, Sayeed

Quadri must be happy that his words find a fresh voice. A winner!

A full on rock setting forms the mood for the title song 'Jannat Jahan'. Written by Neelesh Mishra, the song is

rendered by Rupam Islam who makes his debut in a Hindi film. Lyricist, music composer and the lead vocalist of Fossils, his own

band, Rupam Islam is highly energetic as he gets talking about greed, desire and the heavenly pleasures which come along. A

theme track which is restricted to the film's background music, 'Jannat Jahan' carries a different flavor to it when compared

to the songs preceding it.

Post the release of Awarapan, Vishesh Films did have Dhokha and Showbiz as their next two projects but none

could manage face saving musical sales, let alone even coming near the magical run they had with Pritam in their last few outings.

Well, Bhatts can relax as Pritam and lyricist Sayeed Quadri have delivered yet another fantastic score which would add on the

envious catalogue of the musicals coming from the production house.

Jannat 3.5 Joginder Tuteja 20080310

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