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There are very good expectations from the music of Jannat 2. To state the obvious, a Bhatt film is bound to boast of good music and with Emraan Hashmi as the central protagonist, anything less than very good would be sacrilege. With Pritam joining the show, expectations turn even bigger. Not to mention the fact that it is the same team along with Kunal Deshmukh that had created a magical soundtrack in Jannat. With Sayeed Qadri, Sanjay Masoomm and Mayur Puri contributing with lyrics, you know for sure that Jannat 2 music cannot go wrong by any means. As it turns out, the music indeed impresses, and how.


First thing that catches your attention is the fact that just like Kunal's last film Tum Miley (for which Pritam had composed music), even Jannat 2 doesn't feature a single female voice. Call it a conscious decision or a coincidence but one does wonder whether makers never felt the need to bring in a girl into the equation as well, given the fact that a love story forms an integral part of the film. Nevertheless, as one plays on the album, any such doubts disappear since the male singers manage to hold the attention of a listener quite well and ensure that you play on the album repeatedly.

Shafqat Amanat Ali begins the proceedings with a love song, 'Tu Hi Mera', which is just the kind of template romantic number that one expects at the top of an Emraan Hashmi music album. Beautifully sung and composed with some simple yet effective lyrics by Sayeed Qadri, 'Tu Hi Mera' with a 'Sufi' touch to it is instantly catchy and boasts of some good 'antara' portions as well after an impressive 'mukhda'. A melodious kick-start like this pretty much sets the tone for the album that only goes on to present many more immensely likeable tunes.

It is 'masti' and 'mazaa' galore as one can well sense Emraan Hashmi having some fun with 'Tera Deedar Hua'. The kind of song that one expects Sajid-Wajid to compose for Salman Khan, this addictive number has a rhythm to it which makes one feet to tap with its highly 'desi' feel. Written by Sanjay Masoomm, the song arrives in two versions. First to arrive is a Rahat Fateh Ali Khan solo while it is Javed Ali who sings 'From The Heart' version. On any other day, one would have blindly chosen Rahat Fateh Ali Khan over Javed Ali. However for this song in particular, it is the latter who sounds more effective. Overall, a winner!

The kind of sound which kick-starts 'Tujhe Sochta Hoon' and the overall structure that follows only ends up reminding one of many such haunting love songs that have been composed for Vikram Bhatt films in the past and present. This KK sung number is just the kind that Bhatts specialise in and with Sayeed Quadri getting the romantic mood with a hint of pathos; 'Tujhe Sochta Hoon' becomes all the more effective. Also, it has been noticed that of late KK has become quite selective when it comes to his singing assignments. However he makes the best of this song and ensures that you are hooked, especially with Nikhil D'Souza joining the party as well with a solo version of his own titled 'Sang Hoon Tere'.

After Shafqat, Rahat, Javed and KK, it is time for Mohit Chauhan (yet another wonderful choice for an album of this class) to come behind the mike for Sanjay Masoomm written 'Rab Ke Shukrana'. One can sense that his voice has been presented a little differently than his regular self for this song and it has to be admitted that the overall impact is fantastic. A love song which moves at a smooth pace and has hardly any instruments in the background, 'Rab Ka Shukrana' is fourth winner in a row for Jannat 2 which firmly establishes itself as yet another catalogue album for the Bhatts.

No wonder, Anupam Amod (who has composed 'mukhda' for 'Rab Ka Shukrana' as well as 'Tera Deedar Hua') brings himself on for this song as well and does a good job as the repeat outing only makes you fall for it all over again.

Another repeat outing that you grab with both hands is the signature theme of 'Jannat' which has been converted into a full fledged song in the form of 'Jannatein Kahan'. With Mayur Puri as the guest lyricist, this Westernised version of a highly passionate outing should make for a good impression in theaters when it plays as a part of the background score. KK is in superb form again and with the rap portions bringing on further spice into the proceedings, what with a 'Power Ballad' version by Nikhil D'Souza getting a touch of pop; you know for sure that Jannat 2 is indeed one of the most fulfilling albums of the year so far.


Jannat 2 is a terrific album which has practically each and every song working for it. A genre album which has love forming an integral part of the affairs, it ensures that each of the songs complement each other in a seamless manner. What is also special about this Pritam soundtrack is the fact that unlike a conventional album that has a love song, a sad number, a theme track, a 'bhangra' dance number and an item song being assembled (which time and again only makes the album a jerky outing), Jannat 2 is as seamless as it gets. When an album ends up winning as a whole instead of just one song walking away with all the honours, it is only further reason to rejoice because it establishes that the overall soundtrack has been appreciated.


Tu Hi Mera, Tera Deedar Hua (From the Heart), Tujhe Sochta Hoon, Rab Ka Shukrana, Jannatein Kahan

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