4.5 Excellent

Every year i wait for the next Madhur Bhandarkar release and this year i was not dissapointed at all - it delivered a punch maybe at the same level or more than Fashion -- the acting in this movie is simply tremendous ---- Manoj and Neil steal the show completely -- and though not by her acting but her being there in the background (Mughda was perfect for this role and she is one of the big faces of the future if she can get herself a more bigger and leading role than this one)

The music in the movie is mediocre album wise but in the movie it sounded quite decent --- milke yun laga i liked out of the bunch

I cant really explain much about the story because it would sound quite dumb since weve seen this before but the atmosphere in which the story is presented is not something weve seen before at all -- Madhur depicts this story with perfection and it deserves a must go and watch this year

Probably in top 3 movies this year too bad less people are going to see this movie due to its public rating