3 Good

This movie is so bore to the core that by interv my brain started having a furore.Parineeti Chopra and Siddharth Malhotra should take retirement and better be producer or something to do with behind the camera. प्रणाम उनको जिन्होंने ये फिल्म बनाई और शत शत नमन उनको जिन्होंने इस फिल्म को ???? रेटिंग्स दिया। story is too slow to bear. Music is nothing worth entertainment, acting is so so . Parineeti overacts and Siddharth doesn't act. Together they are even more flop. Direction is choppy and there was nothing exciting for screenplay owing to the story. I left it at Interval. the ones who gave high ratings I blv must have watched it for half an hour so couldn't make out assessment in a fair manner?