4.5 Excellent


Sajid nadiadwala had done acknowledgable job!! Janemann was a fabulous & a well made and well performed movie of 2006.
Don and Janeman were released together but the charms and sweetness of Janemann cannot be compared with Don.
Salman,Akshay and Priety have done a great job & great justice to their specified roles!!
All was real to life and story was well-made & well presented too.The unpredictable twists and turns were great and Akshay was stunning in the movie,i loved ANupam Kher in his that SMALL LOOK,Preity was incredible and Salman was different+mature.
The only 2 drawbacks of Janemann were:the film sometimes gets too slow and the story moves at a slow pace.The other drawback of the movie was that the songs were too slow or too romantic.The lyrics didnt had something ''ADDICTIVE'' & something touching souls.
All songs sounded same except ''Janemann jannejaa'' or ''Humko maloom hai ishq masoom hai".
Except this the movie was well-perfomed,welll directed,well written and in ALL a well-executed movie!!!!
A MUST watch for everyone.!!!!