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Ittefaq Movie Review

Ittefaq Movie Rating

Crown Films? ITTEFAQ tells the story of a disc containing vital defence information about the test results of a missile, which is stolen from the military installation. The disc is stolen by a criminal (Mohan Joshi) and the police are appointed to look into the case. One of the officers (Aroon Bakshi) manages to get hold of the disc, but he is killed by the criminal.

Before dying, he hands it over to a young man (Mukul Dev), who is a witness to the murder. He flees away from the scene with the disc and is chased by the criminal and his men, who then appoint a killer (Sunil Shetty) to nab the young man. What happens next?

The title gives the impression that the film is a thriller, but it hardly lives up to the expectations. The film is predictable right from the word go, but there are a handful of scenes that manage to keep the viewer?s interest alive. The action scenes look forced and unwarranted, though a few stunts are well executed and deserve praise. The comedy is uninspiring and falls flat.

The film seems to be aimed at small centers. The music is average. Barring ?Main Aashiq Hoon Mastana? and ?Raton Ko?, which are well-tuned, the remaining songs are passable. The song rendered by Remo, ?Bom Mat Maar?, is foot-tapping.

The director has taken too many cinematic liberties. For instance, the flashback of Sunil Shetty is far from convincing. Likewise, the sudden romance between Mukul Dev and Pooja Batra takes you by surprise.

Like always, Sunil Shetty leaves a mark in action scenes only. Mukul Dev is average. Pooja Batra does not impress. Anupama Varma has nothing much to do. Shakti Kapoor and Tiku Talsania irritate. The Kader Khan-Ashok Saraf comedy track entertains at places. Mohan Joshi and Ishrat Ali are loud.

Editing is loose. Dialogues are commonplace. Cinematography is average.

On the whole, ITTEFAQ is too ordinary a fare and has some chances at small stations only.

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