3.5 Very Good

I See You

Ghost stories in a Bollywoodian Cinema do work in its totality of scare fare but debutante producer Arjun Rampal’s spirit fare ‘doesn’t work at all. Can you imagine an ordinary mortal, a sensible TV Anchor falling in love with a spirit, dancing & singing song on the Swiss Alps? Not done, but then this is 2006 farewell Hindi Cinema for you, a strictly Multiplexian fare for you.

Raaj Jaiswal (Arjun Rampal) hosts a show called British Raj, of course on a foreign shores. He leads a normal routine life like a 9-5 Indian executive except for downing tequila shots with his best buddy Akshay Kapoor (Chunkey Pandey). But one day his life goes topsy turvy when he discovers scantily clad Shivani Dutt (debutante Vipasha Aggrawal) plonked on his bed all ready for action. He is stunned but soon this becomes a daily routine.

Needless to add that slowly & steadily they fall in love, sing duets & what not? She even visits his TV studio. Soon his buddy Akshay & colleagues Kuljeet Kapoor & Dilnaz Boga (Sonali Kulkarni & Sophie Chaudhary) feel that he has lost his marbles. Akshay takes him to a shrink Dr. Patnaik (Boman Irani). No solution in sight until a Cop (One more debutante Angrez Micheal Maloney) steps in to solve the shrouded mystery of Shivani. If you are still curious go solve the jigsaw puzzle yourself or just tell everyone I don’t want to see ‘I see you’.

Arjun, in lieu with his better half Meher Jessia – Rampal, has made a wrong choice to launch himself as producer. Debutante director Vivek Aggrawal leaves no reels unspooled & unspoiled to add to the chaos. Music by Vishal – Shekhar in tandem with its visual treat is the only redeeming factor of this no scare fare.

Arjun Rampal is perfect. He proves his acting skills. The role is tailor made for him. Shah Rukh Khan & Hrithik Roshan enliven the proceedings in one song sequence. Bipasha oops Vipasha Aggrawal acts like a walkie talkie zombie. The rest of them are adequate.