3.5 Very Good

I Hate Luv Storys

There were humungous expectations for I Hate Luv Storys(for me, yes) and for the industry - dejected by the loss occured by Kites and Raavan.

Director P.Malhotra has not tried to make something new but has just made a 'kichri' of love storys. The question is: Does it works?

The question is surprisingly... yes. The young culture touch to it, is definitely recognizable and perfect for a film like that.

However, I am a bit disappointed as for the cliched screenplay. Let's do a Bolly Love Stories landmarks films recap from the 90's to 2010...

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge - Enter the passion, dedication and pureness of love in the form of Raj and Simran. iving the desi and foreign look of the film was the trump card of this eternal love story.
Dil To Pagal Hai - Here comes the modernity look to a love story with its trump card - music. Making a drama-love story connecting to the teens demanded courage and it connected thrugh music.
Kuch Kuch Hota - Push the new era a bit further with as trump card - university love and marriage love. It's immortal.
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham - One desi-love in the first interval with all the melodramatics and funs connecting. One foreign-love in the second associated to massive starcast was awesome. However its trump card was the different era's love.
Dil Chahta Hai - For the first time, love was not explored through the past or the couples' eyes but through 3 friends eyes. With every one having different opinions, this love story shows how friendship and love is connected.
Jab We Met - Its trump card is the storytelling. It shows that maybe the dream world of love may not exists but love is still present. How the views of Shahid will change to Kareena's fantasy is awesome.
Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na - Establishing the modern touch by DCH, this movie shows that you might know when love happens but true love lies deep inside your heart. Only the destined might know it is the story and narrating the story in the youngsters' way is fabalous.
Love Aaj Kal - As its name suggests, it shows the difference between the last era's love and now's love. However, once the characters began exploring the similarities, the film's pace changes to a new level.
I Hate Luv Storys - The young touch is indeniable, however it does not shows anything new. The screenplay is an explored field.

IHLS could have bring a new definition to love stories but retaining to a cliched screenplay was not the most wise decision.
On the whole, IHLS is not a saga but a simple cute love story meant for the young.