240123 Joginder Tuteja

Hostel Music Review



Nil. That's the expectation from the music of Hostel which is a dated film that comes with a dry subject (ragging) and doesn't quite promise a soundtrack that would make any impact whatsoever at the charts. Add to that zero star cast and promotion and one is looking at the bottom of the barrel here. In a film likes this, one does wonder though that what does composer and lyricist Virag Mishra have to offer here.


'Bandagi Ko Tu Bandagi' is a track which belongs to the rock genre and carries the kind of sound and lyrics that one associates with a Ram Gopal Varma film. Sung by Virag Mishra himself, 'Bandagi Ko Tu Bandagi' is a dark number which conveys the theme of the film that centres on the atrocities committed on the youth in the name of ragging. The 'remix version' is further pumped up and though this situational track could have seen some elevation if only promoted aggressively via a music video, a complete lack of visibility means that 'Bandagi Ko Tu Bandagi' would go totally unnoticed.


Only Hauslaah and Bandagi work otherwise the rest of the songs are bad.

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