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You don't really warm up to the idea of picking up Hide & Seek as the album of the weekend. A thriller flick always comes with its own limitations of song placement and the thought is no different for Hide & Seek which appears to be a slasher horror thriller tale and hence comes with minimalist scope for music. However, with name like Gourov Dasgupta on the album cover, who has to his credit some decent numbers in films like Dus Kahaniyan and Aa Dekhen Zara, you end up being a tad hopeful.


The album doesn't quite take a rocking kick start with Krishna trying to bring on some fun and humour in the way he sings and writes 'Jingle Bells' (which also appears in a 'remix version'). Somehow the entire parody angle doesn't quite end up being as exciting as the makers would have envisioned. There is a Punjabi version given to the age old 'jingle bells' theme but the song's only hope is a long run of the film which may just about help it get some disc space in the DJ's collection for dance floor tracks.

Thankfully there is some sanity brought into the proceedings with 'Kaise Jiyu' where the tune turns out to be instantly likeable. Even though this Ravi Basnet written number has a sad feel to it, you don't mind listening to the composition at all since there is this inherent 'Bhatt' feel to it. In fact this is a kind of number that can just walk into a Bhatt-Hashmi film. No questions asked. No touch up to be done. And just a music video to be made next. A song rendered by Krishna that deserves to find good audience for itself in weeks to come, it would be a pity if 'Kaise Jiyu' (appearing later in a 'remix version') doesn't find its due.

There is much more to Hide & Seek that one would have expected and this is apparent with 'Maula' following next. A rock number that starts building pace and picks on heat before Suraj Jagan comes behind the mike, 'Maula' written by Prashant Ingole hints of something big in the offing as one starts giving it a closer hearing. This is pretty much proven by the time Suraj gets the mood rolling with his rendition of 'Kaisa Ye Safar Hai.....Maula'. This is a kind of song that just elevates the proceedings at concerts and works tremendously with the youth. If you are a rock lover, you won't mind giving 'Maula' a repeated hearing.

Suraj Jagan carries on from where he had left in 'Maula' with the title song Hide & Seek following next. This is a kind of number that film maker Sanjay Gupta would have loved to include in a soundtrack of one of his films. Reminding of the kind of sound which was prevalent in Gupta's films like Acid Factory, Dus Kahaniyaan and Zinda, Hide & Seek (written by Prashant Ingole) has a touch of haunting feel to it which promises its listener some mystery that would be unfolded in the narrative of the film. Yes, it is thematic to the core but at the least it does justice to its placement.

Finally comes the guest composition 'Friday Night' which has composer Chirantan Bhatt doubling up as a composer and singer with Sarim Momin handling the lyrics department. Aanchal and Jaspreet Kohli add on a touch of naughtiness to this youthful number which has an interesting music video going for it. A number which has loads of attitude to it with some eye catchy visuals and good looking leading ladies, 'Friday Night' is the kind of number that is independent of the box office run of the film and has the potential to enjoy a rather long shelf life. A fun track which comes in a deserving 'remix version', 'Friday Night' is the one that should see good promotion coming its way.


Hide & Seek has more than just a couple of good songs and this is indeed a bonus by itself since not much was expected from it to begin with. None of the songs are a put off while 'Friday Night' and 'Kaise Jiyu' have a good potential to find popularity coming their way. 'Maula' is the one for the lovers of rock music, hence making Hide & Seek an out and out youthful album. Inclusion of the song's DVD along with the music CD is a good move too since audience get to see the videos of 'Friday Night', 'Kaise Jiyu', Maula' and Hide & Seek much before the release of the film. Its a different matter though that except for 'Friday Night' and 'Maula' which do have a bona fide music video accompanying them, the remaining two tracks are just made up of a collage of shots from the film.

Now all one looks forward to is some good promotion coming the way of the album that would make it much more visible amongst the 'aam junta'. With a month to go for the film's release, the music needs as much push as possible to make a mark at the music stands.


'Friday Night', 'Kaise Jiyu', 'Maula'

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