4 Very Good


Hindi films has come a long way as far as horror genre is concerned. Initially, we had movies like Bandh Darwaja, Veerana from Ramsay brothers, there after came RGV with some new innovations in RAAT and BHOOT. In the recent times, 3 movies has done exceptionally well when it comes to script and execution. Those 3 movies are 1920, 13 B and finally HELP a movie which excels in its execution. If you say you don't get scared, check it out. The climax is too different from other horror movies. Personally, I liked this movie because it does no waste time in identifying the ghost i.e. every character in the film gets the glimpse of the ghost at a very early stage. This is the USP of this movie and secondly neither the story gets slow at any stage. I would like to say that Hindi horror films has never pulled the crowd and will never able to be as it’s not a mass movie like 3 Idiots. This movie is for the people who wait for some chilling entertainment which comes once in a year in the biggest Movie Industry of the world. Don't miss it as the same is not screened in most of the theatres. the next big one is coming next year from the Bhatt camp which will be a total paisa vasool as they are bringing RAAZ 3 in a 3D format for the first time in India.

Final word: A well-made sleekest horror flick.