3 Good


Help,The New Horrror FLick On The Block After Click And Shaapit.Help Stars Bobby Deol And Mugdha Godse.Help Has A Riveting Storyline.The Story Is Completely Spooky.The Screenplay Is Superb.The Movie Succeds In Giving The Audience The Chills And Thrills At The Right Time.The First
Half Is Brilliant.The Pace Slowens In The Post-Interval Portions But The Movie Comes On Track Again.Dilaouges Are Good.Music Is Average.Help Has Superb Special Effects.The Visuals Are Simply Enthralling.Cinematography Is Brilliant.Direction By Rajeev Virani Is Good.Help Also Works Mainly Because Of Mugdha Godse's Performance.The Actress Is At Her Best In Help.She Displays The Emotions Correctly.Award-Worthy Performance.Bobby Deol Lends Good Support.Shreyas Talpade Is Decent.
Salim Fatehi Is Good.Jyoti Dogra Is Exceptional.
Anaushka Dantra And Ashoi Dantra Are Excellent.
Sophia Handa Is Superb.Overall,HELP Is An Interesting Horror Flick.