3 Good

Director and writer Mr. Amol Gupte's vision and execution are good. He didn't compromise for a single shot if it was required. In this type of sports based film you know the climax before watching the film so always screenplay makes it interesting and here it is. Dialogues are natural and powerful. It is a children based film but most of the dialogues have maturity. Casting and locations of this movie is so perfect that you start believing that you are witnessing a real world but alas, the length and presentation of climax again reminds you that after all it is a film. Humor and emotions are blended very well. Yeah there are few moments when you can feel your eyes getting moist. Maximum credit goes to actors. They are too good in emotional scenes. This movie will be definitely able to spread the roller skater wave among kids. Performance wise Saqib Saleem as coach is very good. He is too good in emotional scenes. Partho Gupte as Arjun is fantastic. Neha Joshi as Arjun's mother is so intense. Anuj Sachdeva and Pragya Yadav are fine. Rest four kids are powerful and natural performers. I wish I could have watched there more scenes. Music supports the film's mood well.