3.5 Very Good

Hatimtai Ki Beti

An evil shape-shifting sorceress is given a total of seven chances to try and create differences between Malika Jahan Ara and Shehzadi Roshan Ara, the daughters of Hatimtai. She first poisons the mind of Jahan against her sister, and makes her believe that the latter is not only after her crown but also after the male she loves, Iran's Shehzada Salim. Jahan Ara's rage will know no bounds when she finds out that Iran's Badshah has proposed marriage between Salim and Roshan or else face war. Taking this opportunity, she accepts the proposal, and prepares herself to wed Salim. Watch what impact as well as trials and tribulations that await Salim as well as Roshan encounter as the marriage date nears.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)