4.5 Excellent


Engaging movie, kept my interest till the end. Great acting all around. Outstanding acting by Hrithik.

There was one scene that stood out above all for me. Without giving away too much of the story, this was the scene where Ash is getting slapped around by you-know-who and Hrithik is yelling for that guy to stop. Hrithik goes through a range of emotions of anger, helplessness and then pure fear because of the state he is in. Looking at his pain, I was wishing that this was the turning point of the movie when Hrithik was going to get up and beat up that guy in true Bollywood fashion. I knew that this was not going to happen but I was wishing so bad that for once this is a typical Bollywood film where things like these are common.

That is the power of performance! It can transform you and make you feel what the character could have felt in that moment. Only outstanding actors can do that and Hrithik has become one. I am so glad that Indian Cinema has great future if more movies can be made that are not the typical Bollywood films. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy typical Bollywood films too. I am waiting to see Golmaal 3 and Action Replayy too. All you want from a movie is to engage you and take you into that filmi world. Guzaarish definitely did that for me. Thanks.