4.5 Excellent


An outstanding movie which i have seen after long time. A standout, powerhouse, flawless, excellent, outstanding, incredible performance by Junior B. An excellent direction by Mani Ratnam. Cinemetography by Rajiv Menon is truly world class. Music by A.R Rahman is melodious. Ash-Abhi Chemistry is far better compare to their earlier they did together. Mithunda has given a Brillant performance after long years in hindi cinema. Madhavan has done justice to its role. Arya Babbar & Vidya Balan are ok. Performance by rest of the star cast are upto the mark. A movie that should be the indian official entry for oscar 2008. It deserve awards for screenplay, story, editing, dialouge, cinemetography, art direction, choregraphy, background score, lyrics, music, supporting actor(male), best actor, best director, best film.