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Guddu Ki Gun Music Review



Going by the whacky title and the whacky nature of the film, one expects the soundtrack of Guddu Ki Gun to be whacky as well. Quite a few names feature as composers and lyricists on the credit details. One waits to hear what composers Gajendra-Vikram, Raju Sardar & Soumyajit Banerjee (also as lyricist) along with lyricists Aseem Ahmed Abbasse and Vimal Kashyap have to offer.


It is good to hear experienced singers Mohit Chauhan and Shweta Pandit coming together for 'Rehbra Ve'. A love song which is pretty much in the zone where one expects Mohit to feature; this one has a serene feel to it and moves along at a slow pace while being easy on ears. A kind of number that you have heard in many a Ranbir Kapoor films with Pritam as a composer, it lends a fine start to the album.

Next to arrive is the title track 'Guddu Ki Gun' and since the film has a Kolkata setting to it, the composition has a distinct Bangla milieu to it. That said, the production values of the song aren't optimal and the manner in which Vikram Singh sings this one doesn't lend an upbeat feel to it either. One definitely expected better from a title song.

Udit Narayan is heard after a hiatus and this time he goes Bhojouri for 'Bihari Valentine'. Now this one has a very limited market due to obvious reasons due to strong Bhojouri flavor. Of course Udit Narayan sings this one quite well due to his affiliation with the local stage and setting. However, one doesn't see this one covering much of a distance beyond the film's narrative.

With a title like 'Ding Dong', one pretty much gets to know the kind of flavor that Sonu Kakkar would bring behind the mike. While there is a brief hint of 'Chinta Ta Chita' [Rowdy Rathore] in the background, this 'desi' item number in the 'Munni' and 'Chameli' mode just doesn't manage to get a kick-start, leave aside cover a good distance. In fact even the hook of 'Ding Dong' doesn't manage to connect. Avoid it.

Next to arrive is 'Kolkata Qutub Minar' which pretty much narrates the life and times of the character played by Kunal Khemmu. Sung by Soumyajit Banerjee, this one also features in a Bengali version and pretty much acts as a theme track in the film. Expect this fast paced outing to feature at multiple junctures in the film.

The album concludes with a qawalli 'Chal Jayegi…. Chal Jayegi' and this one too is a title track of sorts, what with 'Guddu Ki Gun' featuring right through the track, especially during the hook. This one by Kausar Sabri could well lend some comic moments in the film and is not a bad outing after all.


An ordinary score, this one would go largely unnoticed.


'Kolkata Qutub Minar', 'Rehbra Ve'

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