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Good Luck Music Review


Anu Malik is having quite a few albums of his hitting the stands in recent times. While Love Story 2050 and Ugly Aur Pagli have managed to make an impression, Hastey Hastey and Anamika haven't. With Good Luck (that has music by Sameer) not quite making one feel enthused about the music, especially due to the look of the project which isn't anywhere close to being exciting, one plays on the album with hardly any expectations.

It's a dull beginning for 'Main Sajda', which takes it's own time to come to the point before Sukhwinder Singh begins his rendition. However, even as the song is close to two minutes through, one still doesn't know where it is heading. The song swings between being a carnival track to a love song to a kind, which has a Middle Eastern background, and by the time Shilpa Rao comes on the scene, one is clearly bored of the proceedings.

One wonders whether Anu Malik has indeed created this composition, which seems to be a kind of tune that he may have dumped in his backyard at least a decade back! Surprisingly, the song is also repeated towards the middle of the album. One wonders why though?

Yet another listless number arrives in the form of 'Nazar Mein Hai Chehra' which surprisingly is so bland even in it's 'remix version' that one wonders how would the original version sound? Looking at singers like Lucky Ali and Vasundhara Das, one expects an exciting outing with some great tune complimenting their voices but none of that really happens.

A stage number, which features Lucky Ali along with Sayali Bhagat, 'Nazar Mein', is one of those standard tunes, which Anu Malik tries to pep up with contemporary arrangements but to no avail. The original track is heard at the very end of the album but what can one expect from a tune that ceases to hold your attention after a few seconds itself?

'Give Me A Kiss Oh Miss De De Chumma' - Now these are the golden words written by Sameer for the title song 'Good Luck' which makes one wonder whether it should be time to say 'Good Luck' to the makers of the film? Ok, so we know that good luck in the film's plot comes in the form of a 'kiss' that acts as a lucky charm but the song itself is so boringly orchestrated that one wishes to walk up to Anu Malik and ask him that what made him come up with an apology of a song like this?

In fact, more one hears this Adnan Sami-Sunidhi Chauhan duet which also appears in a 'remix version', more one feels that this is a kind of soundtrack that Malik would have restored from a back-store sack and plain and simple handed over to the unsuspecting makers of the film.

The worst is kept for the end with Krishna sung 'Soniya Aaja Ni', which makes one eject the music CD in two minutes flat. Not just is the tune really bad, even the music arrangements are poorly done which makes one feel that the song would have been created in the cheapest of studios. Also, don't even bother abut the 'remix version'.

Good Luck has Anu Malik at his lowest point and actually makes some of the average soundtracks that he has churned out earlier this year seem far better. As the first half of the year comes to a close, Good Luck turns out to be one of the fore runners for being the worst albums of the season.

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O.k album, not too bad. Some songs were very ordinary though. The remixes were very horrible.

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