4 Very Good

Golmaal Again

Writing a review on a Diwali release is, I think, not recommendable. Because in India, this is the only festival, where people meet and greet with their relatives for at least 3 days. These days are having the highest number of viewers watching cinema in a theater. Therefore, I'm sure you will going to watch this one, as it is known that Golmaal is a fun entertainer which can be seen together with an entire family.

So, Rohit Shetty and team are back after exactly 10 years (Golmaal 3 in 2007 Diwali) with 4th installment of the biggest comedy-movie franchise. This time, after doing a lot in comic genre, they are introducing ghosts and spirits in Golmaal Again. The story of an orphanage owner and his children. Entire story has been developed around that orphanage. And let me tell you one more thing, it is a revenge story! I'm not talking about anyone's performance, as we all know that they can act good. I was amazed to see Prakash Raj doing dancing in the second half. And in that scene, you can not miss Johny Lever's talent, too. Oh man, he is the best comedian. The Bhulaa act is very known, but you will laugh out loud in the mike act. It was the best hilarious moment for me. Though, I was laughing very loudly in the film around 15 times. So, believe me, this is the comedy, a laugh-out-loud one.

But, as a matter of fact, I don't consider it a comedy film. As the base is completely different from other Golmaals. Despite having spiritual connections, these characters are more realistic. Also, this is the finest work of visuals by Rohit and team. Each frame of spirits or magics has been executed superbly. In addition to that, there is beautiful Ooty. You would not, even once, look anywhere apart from screen. So, I would say this is the best Rohit Shetty & Team work.

I was not expecting great. But unfortunately or say fortunately, my ticket money has been recovered during the title song itself. Rohit Shetty's comedy films are my The Most Priority to go to city's best theater for the sake of watching the title song. I was tapping my foot continuously, even my teeth were dancing, too! So much of colours and beats and dancers and cars, and what not! This song describes how big this franchise is! Rohit's films do not have classic songs, so do this. In the beginning itself I got the suspense, but it was not for the climax, just the bomb at interval. Hehe! That was a mistake I think, as it was clearly predictable. Other than that, in the second half, I feel that humor level was lower because the story is unfolding. That is why it looks slower. Though, comedy is at its peek in the first half. And everyone was laughing, clapping and enjoying around me.

For me, this Diwali clash winner is undoubtedly Golmaal Again. I will go with my family again. For rating, I would like to give the installment number, 4. This horror-comedy genre in a well known franchise by Rohit and team have been attempt successfully. Kudos to all. Enjoy festivals with this year's biggest Bollywood commercial film.

At last, whether you call it a comedy (C-O-M-A, Comedy) or a ghost story (G-S-T, Ghost), I would like to term it as a Blockbuster (B-L-A-C-K-B-U-C-K, Blockbuster) entertainer!