4 Very Good

Golmaal Again

Movie Review: Golmaal Again
Fasten your seat belts. Rohit is back with his super hit sequel Golmaal. The characters are same but this is the first movie of Golmaal franchisee, where you will find emotions and good storyline.
Script: Five orphan kids (In two groups) run away from their “Jamnadas orphanage home” and come back after some years to save the home from land sharks. However there is a horror twist in the movie, which is not scary at all, but it connects you instantly with its emotional sequences.
Actors: there are five male leads. The first group is of Ajay Devgan and Shreyas. The second group is of Arshad, Kunal and Tushar. Ajay plays his part with perfection but looks little tired. Shreyas is superb with his accents. Arshad and Tushar are in full form. Kunal looks out of place at times. There are two female leads Tabbu and Parineeti. Both of them are having wonderful roles. Tabbu is having special power to connect and talk to Saul. She has done a very good job. Praineeti looks very pretty and having a mystery surrounded for his character, which is very interesting. She delivers a wonderful performance. Neel Nitin mukesh looks fantastic in his negative role. Prakash Raj is also very good with his wonderful comic timings. In supporting role, Jhonny lever does a fantastic job. He is too good as Puppy boss. For the first time Sanjay Mishra looks repetitive and flat in the movie. Heerji’s cameo is very good. All other supporting cast is good.
Technical: Rohit Shetty has done a fairly good job. Dialogues are repetitive at many places. Action sequences are good. Visual effects and locations are very good. Music is not bad. Most of the songs are remixed. Background score is very good. Editing is OK. Screenplay is good.
Overall: It’s an entering movie with very good storyline. Please note that it is not out and out comedy movie, but definitely a refreshing storyline. So go and grab your tickets now. Saal Mumbarak.
Rating: *** (3/5)