3.5 Very Good

Ram Leela is the master piece in terms of its music which appeals to soul and body both. There is mythical touch to the tracks. Credit goes to its music directors Sanjay himself and Monty. Aditya sounds like young Udit Narayan in "Tattad Tattad" - mind blowing song and beats, indeed very fresh. Shreya - melody queen is best in "Nagada Sang Dhol" and Gujrathi glimpse in between the tracks keeps it energetic throughout. Laal Ishq has good lyrics, but Arijit is not very convincing. Another powerful track is by Shail - Lahu Muh Lag Gaya, though track is slow, but is very much sober and appealing. Bhoomi Trivedi as her debut track impresses by her voice by title track. Other tracks like Dhoop, Ang Laga De, Ishqyaun, Poore Chand