2 Average

Rumi Jaffery’s first directorial
is not as bad as many critics are slating it to be. Its the Story of Arun Prajapati, the Unlucky Man who inspite of all his hard work and efforts fails in the finale. Wether its a New Show being hosted by him for the channnel or its proposing to the girl he likes. Enters Sohail Khan into the movie who makes life even more miserable for Arun. Arun Yells at god for always being unfair to him after he s been thrown out of his job. His encounter with GOd starts and he goes on tell god that he can handle the world better than God does. God transfers him powers to Arun for 10 days in which 10 days Arun learns a lesson which everyone should learn. Whatever god has given us, whatever we have is good for us. More or less could be dangerous.

Direction of this movie for a first timer is above average. Though many scenes have directly been picked from Bruce Almighty but still Rumi has handled some of them really well. Specially the first and last encounter of Arun and God, Arun’s face off with his mom after he s lost his job and the climax scene are the ones which stand out.

Salman Khan excels. After a long time I liked him actually. He acted well, He looked good and the best thing he looked the character.
Sohail Khan actually steals the show from Salman in the first half but then he has been relegated to the back seat in the second half.
Priyanka Chopra - Now i ve really started thinking that she is the worst actress we have.
Amitabh Bachchan - Does well in what is given to him. Rajpal is hilarious.

Overall - A decent entertainer which could have been better.