5 Excellent

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Frankly speaking, I never expected anything from GOD TUSSI GREAT HO, but then God has the knack of giving out a surprise where none is expected. Trust me; this movie is worth a watch. It tells you that it's not easy being God and also that God knows best! OK, it's a take-off on BRUCE ALMIGHTY but the makers have done a good job giving our God the desi touch.
Even though this film preaches, it does so subtly; very cleverly sending across the message of love, peace and brotherhood. It has its funny moments with the brothers Salman and Sohail Khan bringing the house down with their antics. As for God (Amitabh Bachchan), he is calm when he deals with Arun Prajapati (Salman Khan) who keeps on blaming God for all his shortcomings.

Nothing ever goes right for Arun and at every moment he stops to tell God just how he feels, and that He (God) does not really care. Fed up of his taunts, God calls him on his cell phone and asks him to meet him in room Number 1801 of a city hotel. This hotel has only 15 floors! This sequence is hilarious; how when Arun discovers that he was really talking to God, and how he tries to run away. But God being God, manages to get him into room 1801.

Arun requests God to give him the powers to be God and run the world for 10 days. Permission is granted and everything seems to be going the way just as Arun wants it. But herein lies the tragedy. He is only doing things for himself. On the ninth day, God asks him what he has done and when he is told that he has done nothing for others, Arun tells God that one day is enough for him to do what He could not do for an eternity!
The scene when everyone calls on God at one time with Temple bells ringing is a loud reminder of how God has to deal with every request from all corners of the world. Arun can't handle the din and in one go grants everyone's requests. The next day all hell breaks loose.

Salman Khan finally opens his mouth to say his dialogues and what a relief that is. He sets the tone for the movie to follow and with the introduction of Rocky (Sohail Khan) as the creative head of the channel Arun works in, things perk up. Priyanka Chopra, unlike her recent releases, is in the thick of things putting in a good performance. Beena Kak as Arun's mother, too, puts in a power-packed performance. However, it is Anupam Kher, sitting on an armchair at home, as Arun's dad, who shines the brightest with his motor mouth act.

Producer Afzal Khan's penchant for grandeur is seen in two lavish song sequences with hordes of dancers all impeccably turned out on grand sets. Director Rumi Jaffery gets the best out of every actor, big and small, to have his vision of man playing God enacted on screen.

This movie does not have the zing of SINGH IS KINNG but is sure to have the cash registers ringing in the first week.