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At the very onset you aren't really kicked about listening to what the soundtrack of Ghost have to offer. After all, the film hasn't really been in news for all the right reasons and musically too you don't expect much from Ghost which is basically a horror drama. However there is an immediate mood shift once you realise that the music here is composed by Sharib-Toshi (of Raaz - The Mystery Continues and Jashnn fame). Around the same time you also end up remembering that Shiney has actually enjoyed a series of good musical scores in the past, case in point being Gangster, Woh Lamhe, Life In A Metro to name a few. With renewed interest in the album you do play on Ghost, only to be pleasantly surprised.


It's a step into the Bhatts territory with the very opening sound of 'Jalwanuma' promising a melodious outing ahead. A love song with a contemporary feel to it with a touch of Sufi rock, 'Jalwanuma' (a new word introduced to Bollywood by lyricist Saagar) is sung by Toshi Sabri with Akram Sabri giving him good company. Though this one isn't exactly a grand kick-start to the album and does make one feel the absence of a song with much higher energy at the very beginning, you don't quite mind 'Jalwanuma' as it lends a quality feel to Ghost.

Next to arrive is a song of seduction with Sunidhi Chauhan setting the mood after a good premise has been set by Sharib-Toshi. 'Aaja Khatam Sabr' is the song in question which has a different arrangement to it and presents Sunidhi's vocals quite differently when compared to her usual rendition. Though Turaz's lyrics can't really escape the likes of 'soniya', 'maahiya', 'ranjhana' and stuff alike, you do allow yourself to be taken in by the rhythm of 'Aaja Khatam Sabr' which has a naughty feel to it and should ignite some heat if accompanied by good visuals.

Sharib's backing vocals set the tune for 'Salame Salame' which is the massiest of the lot heard so far and has in it to become a chartbuster if pumped across music channels over the next few weeks. A good rhythmic track that has an out and out happy feel to it with Shaan bringing in good energy, 'Salame Salame' is written by Kumaar with Bob pitching in by singing the rap portions. With no dull moment whatsoever, 'Salame Salame' should ideally have been the first track in the album as it does well in setting good pace for the album.

There is a shift in the mood though with Ghost taking a romantic route, courtesy 'Dil Ke Liye'. There is one full minute spent on setting a good base for Javed Ali who does well in singing this Sandeep Nath written number which is yet another good song to find an inclusion in the album. A love song with Priya Patidar as the backing vocalist, 'Dil Ke Liye' has a serene feel to it and never allows the basic melody to die down under the weight of any heavy duty arrangements. The song has a simple flow to it and passes off quite smoothly; hence lending one a content feel while listening to whatever Ghost had to offer so far.

Last to arrive is Kumaar written 'Kahan Hai Tu' which is sung by Sharib Sabri himself. Now this one could have turned into a 'bhoole bisre horror house outing' but none of that really happens, courtesy the way Sharib-Toshi spin it around. In fact one is pretty much reminded here of the kind of sound that Vikram Bhatt incorporates in his films, especially the ones belonging to horror genre - case in point being Haunted, Shaapit and other belonging to it's ilk.


If one considers the fact that there wasn't much expectation to begin with and the only interest area was to know whether Sharib-Toshi have indeed given Shiney some good songs to smile about, Ghost does turn out to be a fairly nice. Also, one can clearly see that the soundtrack here belongs to the kind that one identifies with films coming from the Bhatts. No doubt, if Emraan Hashmi would have heard this soundtrack, he would have gladly picked up at least a couple for himself. Now all that is required is for the makers of Ghost to ensure that there is good enough promotion for the album and keep Shiney in the forefront (courtesy his good success rate with musicals) that would help break perception around the soundtrack and ensure there is decent visibility at the least.


Salame Salame, Dil Ke Liye, Kahan Hai Tu

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