4 Very Good

Ganga Jamuna Sarswati

Gangaa Jamuna Saraswathi was apparently a Super Flop when it was released. I cant remember because I was 5 Years old when it came out. I was use to seeing this movie many times because I owned it on video at the time. I've seen this movie about 20 times when I was a kid, I enjoyed this movie a lot. I saw it again recently after almost a decade and realised why this movie was a flop. This movie does have a lot of silly things and unrealistic things going on in the film. Still, I like this film because it is entertaining and it brought together Amitabh Bachchan and Mithun, my two favourite actors at the time. Meenakshi was a pretty actress in that year and Jaye Pradha was average. Amrish Puri does a good job as usual as the bad guy. Amitabh gives a good performance and Mithun was Fantastic in this movie. I loved it because it had Amitabh carrying a crocodile which must of excited some kids at the time, like it did for me.