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Gali Gali Chor Hai Music Review



For a film which is basically centred on the theme of corruption, you are pretty much sure of the fact that Gali Gali Chor Hai would offer situational music. When it is further revealed that the soundtrack comprises of just three tracks, the belief is only strengthened. This is the reason why when Anu Malik's name is seen in the credits, you feel a tad saddened that with hardly a choice made available for him to go the whole hog, he may just end up creating music that acts as a filler and that's about it.


The album opens with the title song 'Gali Gali Chor Hai' which is written by Rahat Indori. A satirical tale on the current state of the country and aiming as a slap on the face of corruption, the song is set in a 70s style and woven together as a 'qawalli'. Kailash Kher is the man roped in for the job though one does hear Anu Malik himself in the background at a place or two. Strictly situational and the kind of song that may just find a place in certain rallies and gathering of 'aam aadmi', 'Gali Gali Chor Hain' (appearing thrice in the album) turns out to be an ordinary tune, especially during the 'antara' portions.

Mohit Chauhan and Anmol Malik come together for the love song 'Suno Suno' which doesn't quite kick-off in a big way after a rather slow start and just stays on like that for it's entire five minutes duration. Even though it is ever so reliable Mohit Chauhan behind the mike, the song doesn't quite lift from being a lazy outing and just about manages to hang on. Anmol Malik, daughter of Anu Malik is heard again and even though one gets much more than just a hint of Western accent in her voice, it could well be intentional.

Last to arrive is the item number 'Channo' which isn't any great shakes either. Set in the UP-Bihar zone with its 'mukhda' being derived straight from 'Beedi Jalaile' [Omkara], this Mamta Sharma sung number also picks up liberally from 'Munni Badnaam', hence turning out to be hardly the kind of item number that has anything original about it. In fact it is quite surprising to see Swanand Kirkire's name on the credit details here, courtesy lyrics that go as 'Channo Ki Choli Mein Bomb Atom Bomb Hai'!


Here is hoping that the film has a lot better to offer than the music here!


Gali Gali Chor Hai

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