2 Average

If you don’t mind leaving your “mind” at home while going for a movie, then this one is surely for you…No plot, no storyline, no mind-games –Paisa Vasool cinema made for sheer entertainment…But then we do love such movies, don’t we? Now here is the catche…Though some viewers might find this 2.30 hour slapstick as entertaining, there are going to be many more who will find it senseless!! A typical Firoze Nadiawalla production, which might find few buyers this time around…

Storyline…aaaa(cunt find any) Music- Would not have made any difference even if it was without any song because you don’t remember even a single one after leaving theatre! In performances, Sunny Deol was good in a role which suited him to the hilt…Shahid & Ayesha were strictly OK…Paresh Rawal, Johny Lever & other comic caste was good...Viveik was wasted.
On the whole, few action sequences mixed with comic ones and songs coming out of nowhere..Paisa vasool it is, but you surely have better entertainers these days.. Ahmed Khan could have directed a better movie with Nadiawalla Production to back him..On commercial front, due to hype and publicity, film should take a good start but then its not so strong content will reflect in its performance down the lane..