5 Excellent

A really nice entertaining movie, just like it promised to be!!

The comedy was too good, we had housefull shows here in UK, Wandsworth. The amount of times people were laughing was like they were all about to fall out thier chairs laughing!!

What a great experience, I want to thank the director, Ahmed Khan for allowing me and everyone else to completly forget our worries and stresses and just let ourself loose for 2.5 hours!!

A great entertainer that everyone who likes laughing will enjoy!!

Just watch out and make sure you bring tissues with you because the film will leave you with buckets of tears when youve finished laughing!

The director completly utilized the many actors in the movie, and not once I felt of being cheated. Sunny Deol was completly awsome as our MUNNA, great performance! Shahid Kapoor was mesmarising as the thief! I really wish the movie had more stunts with him and his BMX bike!!

Then the best comedy jodi in this world, Paresh Rawal and Johny Leaver!! Well what can I say, my god they were astonishing like always everytime they came on the screen everyone knew to be ready to bring that smile out again!!

Great Job director, No doubt the movie will be a smash hit (especially if lame comedies like No Entry can then why not something like FnF which is 100 times better?)

Im looking forward to a sequal ;)