1 Poor

Director is disillusioned about love in this movie. Nothing new in the name of story. Screenplay is stale. Dialogues are good in beginning of movie but then gradually become irritating. How can one think about saying a dialogue like 'Doodh Mangoge To Kheer Denge' in an emotional scene, and even when the speaking person is an artist. Screenplay is so confusing that they don't know the difference of sympathy and love, looking at torn shoe of a boy by a young girl could be sympathetic not romantic. Boy looks younger, girl somehow matches his age with face but physically she looks like a full grown girl. Love scenes means scarf tied in childhood as the token of friendship will be preserved till adulthood as a possession of love by male lead! To prove his love in adult age he has to show the girl all of her painting made by him. This film is full of such type of stale scenes. An artist, precisely painter always goes shirtless while painting so he looks like painter cum model. Makers think that his six packs induce creativity inside him and bring some audience into theater. Six pack is most common thing now a days. There is unnecessary angle of terrorist, a bomb blast and India Pakistan angle. Childhood portion in first half is too long. Movie is deadly slow. Performance wise only Taboo as Princess is only relief rest are unbearable. Cinematography by Anay Goswami is very good. In an emotional movie how can makers think about most flat faces of Bollywood pairing together. Ajay Devgan is wasted completely in guest appearance. 'Pashmina Dhage Se' song is melodious, credit goes to music director amit Trivedi and lyricist Swanand Kirkire. This song looks great in promo but it is not in film, only childhood version is there.