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Fatso Music Review



Ok, so where did this one come from? Brought out of hibernation after being lying low for many years now, Fatso is finally hitting the screens. Meanwhile its music album too has now hit the stands and obviously, one hardly has any expectations of a chartbuster soundtrack in the offing here. Put to tune by Sagar Desai with lyrics by Amitabh Varma, there are only four songs in the album and one just hopes that there is something worthwhile to carry home here.


First to arrive is the title track 'Fatso' which tries to be all funny and lively. However, except for the signature theme, nothing really catches your attention in this barely two minute long track that is sung by Keerthi Sagathia and Sagar Desai. Written by guest lyricist Manish Jain, it doesn't even well establish the character of 'Fatso' here; hence turning out to be a quick outing that hardly registers its presence.

'Haye Re Re' which follows next appears to be a jamming session that has been recorded on a disc presented to the audience. However this one too doesn't work and though for the situation in the film's narrative it may just about hold one's attention, as a standalone audio, this song by Suraj Jagan and Rags is another quick skip.

Thankfully things do come under some control with Suraj Jagan going solo with a soothing track 'Jiya Jaye Na'. A love song which has a non-film sound to it, this one is made of simple lyrics and is set in a mode where a guy is getting all mushy for the girl of his dreams. Not that the song is a chartbuster material here but it can at least be heard in entirety for its near four minute duration.

Last to arrive is 'Very Sorry' where one can imagine a bunch of friends trying to ask forgiveness from Gul Panag (the film's leading lady, who ironically doesn't have a single song for herself). Vijay Prakash, Akshay Verma, Shail, Amitabh Varma and Sagar Desai come together for this yet another unimpressive number that is barely situational and concludes without a promise of making one revisit it at least on an audio.


Despite the film's title, the music here offers 'thin' promise.


Jiya Jaye Na

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