3.5 Very Good



WhenAtif Aslam, after a long time, arrived behind the mic, expectations raisedhigher and higher. LE JA TU MUJHE created sensation the day it released becauseof its never before heard rhythm, good lyrics and outstanding vocal by AtifAslam. Also PARTY ABHI BAAKI HAI by Hard Kaur and RAB SAB SE SONA by NeerajSridhar were released and they helped to raise the expectations a bit more. Oneheard the JIGAR-SACHIN jodi that one never expected. Their last one "TEREESANG" & "KRANTIVEER - THE REVOLUTION" were not musicallysuccessful but F.A.L.T.U seemed to have guts to change the game this time. But,not to forget they did very much justice with Atif Aslam and created awonderful track. Everyone was eager for other tracks coming, but unfortunatelythe other tracks failed to make such an impression.


There'snothing new to say about LE JA TU MUJHE. When Atif is behind the mic,one can't have any negative thing to say about the song. And what's more? Thisone has wonderful, simply outstanding rhythm, strain, use of instruments andmore wonderful lyrics. 'Le Ja Tu Mujhe' has a mixture of free-spirited andmelancholy strain passing through it. The way Atif sings it, it sounds even moresoothing to ears. Allover, if a track of this album can make place in historythen this is the one.

F.A.L.T.Uis all about party, fun, gags and laughs. When it needed a perfect party numberwhere everyone will tap their feet, PARTY ABHI BAAKI HAI made a damngood arrival. Simply wacky composition along with wacky lyrics makes it aperfect funky number. Hard Kaur sings this one very well. Her raps and vocal -everything was perfect to hear about.

Sadgone, Party gone, now some fresh and sweet romance to come. Neeraj Sridhar andhis sensation have been chosen this time to fulfill this wish. RAB SAB SESONA has nothing new in it but a sweet rhythm to soothe your ears. A coolcomposition and nice-to-hear lyrics match perfectly to take over your senses.Apeksha Dandekar's beginning vocal sound even nicer. Looks like a new SUZANNEis in the town.

Like'Le Ja Tu Mujhe', another emotional track along with free-spirited composition,makes its arrival which is AWAAZ, carrying the theme of 'Le Ja Tu Mujhe'partly. Jigar Saraiya, the composer himself this time goes behind themic. We have heard him previously in FALTU tracks like "Lau Jali, RabMilya" also with some good ones like "Morey Saiyaan, Mere Naal".'Awaaz' has nothing fresh in it, not even the lyrics or singing style. Itsounded like some SOHAIL SEN type track but not fully. Allover, 'Awaaz' hasprobability of being ignored by listeners.

Finally,the one that many were waiting to listen after seeing the promos finallyarrives. A fully faltu track that is named the same - "FULLYFALTU". The furious raps by Hard Kaur lighted the fire and Mika Singhblew it throughout the dance floor. Faltu Lyrics along with a peppy tune, justwhat a fine track needed. We don't know if The Mantar in the track works ornot, but in the land of F.A.L.T.U people, this track will be 'Mahan" andwill stay "Mahan" forever.

Startingwith a tune of "Le Ja Tu Mujhe", Vijay Prakash, the famous one whosung "BEERA" of "Raavan(2010)" comes back to sing "GALELAGA LEE". 'Gale Laga Lee' is nothing but another slow number whichcarries the message to Hug your Life, sorry Love your Life. This 234 secondsdurated track has nothing fresh in it but Priya Panchal's short vocal thatsounds nice. Dull lyrics and twice-heard-before-in-the-same-album makes nothinggood about it.

Finally,a cool number arrives that impresses us with a fresh and cool composition init, "NAYEE SUBAH". Jigar Saraiya finally sings with his heartand we greatly enjoy it. The song has nothing new type of lyrics in it, but thelittle wild and super cool composition along with a helpful vocal, doesn't letyou skip it. On the whole, 'Nayee Subah' can be liked by any teenager who lovescool and wild tracks.

Now,a mindless number "O TERI" comes which has nothing in the nameof rhythm in it. While listening to it, you will feel extremely bore in thefirst minute and thank god, it's just 3 minutes long. Full of dialogues insteadof lyrics, this one is absolutely situational.

Inthe end, we meet Neuman Pinto in a mindless wacky number "PERCENTAGE"which can easily be said as a comic attempt to "Give Me SomeSunshine" from "3 Idiots (2009)". Constantly changing vocals,rhythm and singing style in it, this one says to score 35% in exams andcompletely confuses the listener.


Onthe whole, F.A.L.T.U is full of Faltugiri that reflects perfectly in sometracks of it. Where we have perfect tracks like LE JA TU MUJHE, FULLY FALTU, wealso come across some almost perfect tracks like PARTY ABHI BAAKI HAI, RAB SABSE SONA & NAYEE SUBAH. Jigar-Sachin finally comes up with a good album thatcan make them more chances in the future. Final Word? F = Full On, A =Attractive, L = Loud, T = Toppers & U = Unbelievable, that's how the musicof the movie can be described.


LeJa Tu Mujhe, Party Abhi Baaki Hai, Fully Faltu, Rab Sab Se Sona, Nayee Subah