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Music label: T-SERIES


There is little we expect from the soundtrack of this action drama, except hoping that, being a home production of Mithun Chakraborty, the one-time 'Disco King', it might have some Bappi Lahiri-like rhythmic melodies the way we got to enjoy in the '80s.


Here, Bappi Lahiri though present, is only a kind of supporting, almost choral, singer for his son Bappa Lahiri's composition 'Katrina Ko Kareena Ko' with current item queen Mamta Sharma as the lead voice. (This, however, is Bappa's only composition in the film, with the rest of the tracks done by Gourov Das Gupta.)

The song has the typical 'Fevicol Se' / 'Munni Badnaam Hui' kind of audacity in the lyrics (complete with references to Facebook and Twitter!) and the references to six stars including Madonna and Shakira would have been interesting had it come in a light-hearted film. Only stringent promotion and good visuals may make this song a hit, and though Mamta sings well and the music is very earthy, it is unlikely to create major waves unless the film works big-time.

The same seems to be the case with Gourov Das Gupta's soulful melody 'Bheege Naina', a litany with nice lyrics that oozes melody even amidst its tangential contemporary orchestration. Sung by new voice Keshav with a seasoned sense of pathos, we warm up to the number on repeated hearings but it will again have to be backed by strong visuals and promotions.

The title-track 'Enemmy' in two versions (Hindi and English) is the ultimate in cacophony. The mixing level ensures that the words are overpowered by the heavy orchestration and Gourov's anglicized accent, defective diction (Kafaa instead of Khafaa and more) and wrong syntax in the tune compound the damage.

The Indipop-like 'Hit The Lights' (Gourov with Torsha Sarkar singing the refrain Hit the lights now bring it on now) finds Gourov in full-on rock mode, screeching in the best fashion of hard rock. These last three tracks do not really 'belong' to Hindi cinema as we know it and will find little endorsement by Hindi film buffs, who like their words and melody (content) dominating over the packaging.


A bit of a letdown even for the slim expectations.

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Bheege Naina