1.5 Average

I am writing this review straight after coming home from the noon show.. Wanted to watch quantum of solace but was houseful ( got tickets for tomorrow and cant wait to review it ) so settled for watching EMI. Well first things first, the theatre was aroung 70 % empty and i couldnt help wondering if i made a bad choice. The movie started with Arjun Rampal who is a DJ and gets his extra cash from credit card fraud and i had a sinking feeling immediately. The long drawly talk, unwanted dialogues, scenes and a song sequence featuring Malaika aurora Khan once again potraying the same age old semi clad sexy siren type role that she has done to death already. Stifling a yawn i was getting up to leave the theatre when they started the sext sequence featuring Aashish Chowdhary and his whole future life planned completely on a bank loan ( his marriage , honeymoon, new home , car , laptop etc etc ) and it brought a smile to my face so i sat down. The next sub plot is about a lonely father who takes an educational loan for his son who hasnt figured what to do in life but wants to do MBA in UK because his friends are doing it. The fourth sub plot is about urmila whose husband commits suicide and thus she cant get his life insurance money. So she consults a local goonda who promises to make it look like murder but on the payment of 20 lakhs only of which 10 lakhs advance is required, so urmila too is forced to take loan to pay him !!

The whole movie is about loans and credit cards and in depth analysis of 4 above mentioned people/ couple who has taken advantage of the laon schemes but becomes defaulters due to various problems . The bank then hands over these cases to Good Luck recovery agencies, a seedy looking agency run by Suttar bhai ( sanjay dutt ) who uses every trick in the book to recover these amounts though their trick of choice is threatening physical harm. Suttar dreams of becoming a politician, and when his mentor utters this words of wisdom " give respect, take respect. Solve peoples problems before solving the country ’s " A changed man, Suttar then delves into the problems that these people faced and solves them so that they can pay back the amount and in the mean while he falls in love with urmila !! I am not mentioning the solution he offers so that your movie watching experience in case you do choose to watch it isnt ruined.

I hope u see the wafer thin plot here. Its a good topic but picturised badly. I went in hoping to see a comedy but the movie was generally serious. All in all its a weak plot, one which makes u think its unnecessary to make a movie on the subject. There are a few laugh inducing scenes i must say. Towards the climax the movie is in fast forward mode where the director just wants it to end !! Watch it if u have no other choice.